Spring just seems to be the time to freshen things up, doesn’t it? With all the life that’s springing forth, the whole world seems fresh and new and clean and we can’t help but want to get in on a piece of that! So we’re thrilled to show off two pretty new elements‰—first, our beautiful new logo by Luke Flowers Creative. Luke was the genius behind our original logo, which we absolutely loved! We had no intention of scrapping it, but rather we wanted a fresh new look for it and we absolutely love what Luke did to achieve that! And our new tagline felt like a perfect reflection of what it is we do!

And a new logo was the perfect opportunity to freshen up our website too‰—again, we’ve always adored our site and had no desire to lose everything about it that we loved! But some new colors and fonts gave us exactly the boost we were looking for! So we’re beyond thrilled and we hope you love it too! Happy Spring!