It’s September already, which, with its cool mornings and golden days, is one of my favorite months here in Colorado. But September also means the waning days of my garden. Oh, the ornamental grasses are in full bloom, certainly. But it’s the time of year where a rose bloom–especially one this beautiful– is of note. I know it’s the last one I’ll see in the garden for quite some time. It means I have to seize every last ray of warm sunshine, every moment of fading light. Fall is a season of goodbyes, so I bid this last lovely a fond farewell until next year. It makes me count my blessings that working with such gorgeous, natural works of art is my livelihood. That my winter is filled with big, beautiful blooms is a much-appreciated gift.

What will you miss most about your garden? Will you spend the winter dreaming of fabulous new blooms to cultivate and care for?