Fall is here! Well, perhaps the calendar won’t recognize it for a few more days or so, but we know it’s true! The light has shifted, the temperatures have become blissful, and something in the air just says fall. Fall is one of our four favorite seasons for design! Ha!

Color tends to be what strikes the eye first when it comes to fall–the brilliant reds, oranges, golds and browns of the season form such a rich tapestry on the landscape. But there are so many things that fall reminds us to appreciate, and one of those is texture. Texture is such a critical element in all design, and flowers are no exception. Layering textures in flowers gives bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and arrangements depth and a compelling tactile appeal. We love some of the particular textures fall brings–the organic appeal of nuts, the reach-out-and-touch-me nature of burlap, the shiny skin of an apple. Finding textures to combine gives a whole new dimension to our creativity.

We love this boutonniere for that reason. The spiky blue eryngium makes for great contrast with the sweet, delicate bloom of the chamomile. The grass gives a richness to the boutonniere, and the dark agonis foliage is a nod to the fall season. The curly willow sprig gives a structure to the bout, and the birch ribbon it’s wrapped in gives an organic feel.

Happy fall to you!