When our friends at beautiful bridal blog One Hitched Lane approached us to do a spring floral feature for them, we were beyond delighted! Spring is a magical time‰—so many things are bursting into life and the floral palette with which we get to paint is endless! This bouquet was a veritable feast for the senses‰—colorful, textural and deliciously fragrant. We used stunning deep fuchsia and coral charm peonies, lush lilac, pretty poppies, tender sweet peas, two stunning varieties of dianthus, heavenly scented geranium, some fluffy and fabulous green and pink ranunculus, vibrant polygonum (whose common name is Kiss Me over the Garden Gate‰—how darling is that?!), and some yummy fuchsia garden roses. Designing a bouquet like this is an absolute pleasure and a reflection of exactly what we want to offer our clients‰—something superbly seasonal, textural and luscious.

The simple and sweet groom‰’s boutonniere featured a peach ranunculus bloom accented with scented geranium, bush ivy berry and a few sprigs of polygonum. It would look great on an a stylish grey or khaki suit jacket‰—nothing too fussy or overdone.

The accompanying centerpiece was a spring still life and such a joy to design. It would be perfect for a garden wedding. The flowers were so gorgeous and practically designed themselves‰—that‰’s how you know you‰’ve got a perfect blend of textures, colors and shapes. The antique silver Revere bowl was an ideal complement to the bold, vibrant color palette of the flowers.

Gorgeous styling and photography from the always delightful Tess Pace Photography for One Hitched Lane.