“It was such an amazing experience to work with you and see all of the magic come alive that we planned together.”

“Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding! It was magical and a huge part of that goes to the beautiful arrangements and foliage throughout the whole weekend! We loved that color scheme, everything was gorgeous. We can’t stop looking at all of the photos and looking at the unbelievable arrangements on the tables and the garlands and the urns and especially our gorgeous bouquets. They were phenomenal and we cannot stop staring at photos of them. It was such an amazing experience to work with you and see all of the magic come alive that we planned together. You absolutely killed it and we couldn’t have been happier. You are an unbelievable talent!”

– Lindsay + Alyssa, Brides

Robyn, I seriously can’t put into words how absolutely wonderful it was to work with you throughout planning my wedding! You are so vibrant and fun, and your eye and talent when it comes to florals is second to none! All of the flowers at the wedding completely took my breath away. Our bouquets were gorgeous, I love how the boutonnieres were each different in their own way, and I LOVED the gold bangle the corsages came on! I also know my cousins were so excited about the ribbon corsages for them, they were perfect! And the arbor, oh. my. goodness. Seriously everything I wanted and more!!! Walking down the aisle and seeing Colin was my favorite moment… but seeing the garland and flowers on the arbor was a close second!! The guests loved throwing the petals and all raved over the shutters with your pretty blooms tucked in! And the table decor was exactly how I pictured it, but better!!

Thank you so much for listening so well to what I was describing and then making it unique to our wedding. Working with you was the highlight of wedding planning for both me and my mom!! I have to let the world know how absolutely fantastic you are!! Thank you so incredibly much again! I have a feeling you will be hearing from us again; we are Bare Root Flora’s biggest fans!



I can only begin to imagine the colossal effort it took to produce the MAGIC you pulled off. The next day Kendall showed me an Instagram post of you dancing your way around the tent while beautifying it. So glad you were able to make it fun as we gave you so much to do. 

Thank you for the spectacular care and effort you put into setting up the three wedding locations for Kendall’s special day. You completely captured what Kendall was asking for and she couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. The floral arrangements, garlands, large vessels, greens on the tent posts, etc were amazing and garnered many compliments. Kendall absolutely loved her bridal bouquet.

It could not have been a more perfect day! Sunny, warm and blue skied mountain weather, incredible tent set-up, mind-blowing flowers, and the best band ever, sandwiched between a wonderful welcome dinner event the day before and a delicious breakfast the morning after. So many great memories for the years to come!

So happy we got these two fabulous young adults married and so relieved all went as nearly close to what Kendall envisioned as we could imagine. You were a huge part of that.

Take care Robyn and I hope you had a few days to rest before your next event. I know you will be out there somewhere making another bride (and her mother’s) dream come true.


Mother of the Bride

We wanted to send you a note to let you know what an amazing job you did for our wedding. The colors were beautiful and exactly what we were looking for in flowers. So many people commented on how pretty they were. You blew us away and made it perfect! The extras you did on the trees and signs were awesome too. We will forever remember it being beautiful and perfect because of your talent, design skill and “eye.” Thank you again!